Have you ever gone to a comic store, you see a lot of comic book titles, and yet none of them have a theme of what you are looking to read, or perhaps watch a film and the costume design and creatures designs are not what you expected. I want to visually create something that I am proud of but also that I know that people will be please to see and will enjoy my work. To me as an artist there is no better reward than having the gratitude of those to enjoy my work. i am a Chicago Illustrator whose subject matter on his Art is to find beauty where other find horror and fear. It contains a little part of my twisted mind. Something that most of my illustrations have is a female and the reasons for that is because of my fascination about the beauty of female body along the meaning you can give to the piece such as life, nature, birth, beauty, elegancy and Delicacy. My work consists mostly of traditional ink and washes, there are Occasions in which I add some color to my artwork through Photoshop.

>Daisy (2015) by Alicia Este - Concept artist and Story Board

>Mestizo (2015/Current) - Illustrator and creator

>Apparition (2019) by Waymon Boone - Illustrator